2012 Subjective Atlas of Hungary awarded Henry van der Velde 2012 label

2011 SubMap receives Design Award in the category of Interactive Design

2009 'Gomba' building, Budapest, competition with Ádám Vesztergom, 2nd prize

2008 Budapest City Hall, competion at ONL [Oosterhuis_Lénárd], honorable mention Junior Príma Award Ivanka Concrete Design Award - 1st prize

2007 Press Architecture Prize - shortlisted entry designboom's Bright LED design competition - shortlisted entry link Student Architecture & Art Contest - 2nd prize, honorable mention Saint-Gobain Trophy 2007 - 2nd prize

2006 Homlokzat Nagydíj - student prize

2005 Szeresd Budapestet! (Love Budapest!) city renewal idea competition – 4th prize

2004 International VELUX Awards 2004 – honorable mention with Ildikó Bujdosó link (jury: Glenn Murcutt, John Pawson, Craig Dykers, Ole Bouman, Ahmet Gülgönen)

2003 Student Architecture & Art Contest – 1st prize, Rector’s Award

2001 Geofil Student Competition – 2nd prize