Attila Bujdoso


Attila Bujdosó is a UX designer who is addicted to coffee, large cities and the Internet.

Attila Bujdosó (photo by Márton Neményi)

Attila Bujdosó (photo by Márton Neményi)

About me

What do I do? Product / UX / Interaction Design. Creative Collaboration. Leadership.

What am I most interested in? The areas where technology, culture and society meet and interact.

What do others say? I was selected by Kreatív as one of the top 25 creative minds in Hungary.

My experience

Currently I work at BlackRock as Lead UX Designer and live in Budapest. As a side project, I work on my book Social Design Cookbook.

Before joining BlackRock, I co-founded collaboration software startup, worked on award-winning interactive design projects at the Kitchen Budapest new media research lab and was curator and co-editor of the book Subjective Atlas of Hungary.

Originally I started my career as an architect. I worked for ONL on Balna Budapest, a 30,000 sqm landmark building in Budapest’s waterfront and I was curator at the Hungarian Contemporary Architecture Centre.

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