Opp.io is a cloud-based meeting note taking tool that helps managers keep their teams accountable. Users can create or embed tasks in the meeting notes they write at opp.io. Tasks are synced to other task and project management tools like Trello, Asana or Wunderlist or sent in email. Users can interact with embedded tasks in ways relevant at meetings, e.g. check and update task status, comment, reassign, etc. without switching to other software. Opp.io has a free text editor that offers flexibility and freedom.

The goal when designing Opp.io interface was to create a essentialist tool that’s intuitive and easy to use and that brings no distraction to meeting note taking. 

One of the main design challenges at Opp.io was the presentation of tasks that are discussed at meetings. Tasks have their own identities but also part of meeting notes. The design resembles highlight pen colors where different colors refer to the status of a task. Task labels let users interact with tasks: check and change details as well as open them in third-party services e.g. Trello where they are managed.