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SubMap 1.0

SubMap is a unique tool to visualize geographic and time- based data on distorted maps. SubMap started as an artistic project and in the course of time its primary aim shifted towards development of a new visualization methodology. The core potential of SubMap lies in coping with data from physically distributed sensor networks.

The first version of SubMap presented three print maps which showed Budapest from 'our point of view'. We chose our homes as epicenters of the perspectival distortions. Additionally we created a superimposed map centred around Kitchen Budapest where we all work together.

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SubMap Ebullition

Ebullition visualises and sonificates data pulled from one of the biggest news sites of Hungary, In the 30 fps animation, each frame represents a single day, each second covers a month, starting from December 1998 until October 2010. Whenever a Hungarian city or village is mentioned in any domestic news on website, it is translated into a force that dynamically distorts the map of Hungary. The sound follows the visual outcome, creating a generative ever changing drone.


SubMap × UrbanCyclr

Kitchen Budapest and UrbanCyclr teamed up to untangle the invisible pattern of bike traffic in Budapest. 100.000 kilometers of biking routes collected from individual bikers are overlaid on the city map. All distortions of the map reflect higher biking activity in the respective area of the city. 24h map animation reveals the daily biking patterns of a growing community of urban bikers in Budapest.



Organisation: Kitchen Budapest
Year: 2010-2012
My role: artistic concept, design, some coding, project management
Collaborators: Dániel Feles, Krisztián Gergely, László Kiss