Remix Architecture @ Lift11

I will talk about Remix Architecture project as one of the Open Stage speakers at the prestigious Lift11 conference taking place in Geneva, Switzerland between 2-4 February, 2011. You can follow the conference live at

Here is my abstract:

Architecture is a field of art with a very high public interest because of its economic, social, political and urban relevance. At the same time architecture is a very heavy (if not the heaviest) medium.

It is surprising how new concepts arisen from technological developments have so little impact on the architectural practice. For instance, open licenses such as Creative Commons licenses are little known and rarely used in architectural practice.

Deeply inspired by restricting but at the same time enabling presentation formats (Pecha Kucha Night presentations, Lift talks, and so on) our project 'Remix Architecture' addresses this question and aims to develop a new concept of architectural competitions.