Remix Architecture workshop coming this week

Remix Architecture, our initiative at KÉK - Hungarian Contemporary Architecture Centre, reaches its important milestone this week. Between 17-18 March 2011 we organize a two-days workshop where we discuss the socio-cultural, political and economical aspects of running alternative architectural competitions based on open licenses, such as Creative Commons. On the first day, we meet invited experts to discuss the context and impact of such competitions. Invited guest include:

  • Bodó Balázs economist, assistant professor at BME MOKK, CC Hungary project leader
  • Borbély Gábor, CoLabs, StartupFlyer
  • Borgulya Gergely, architect, Graphisoft Zrt.
  • Dr. Finta József architect, Finta Studio, member of Hungarian Academy of Sciences
  • Finta Sándor architect, sporaarchitects, head of Hungarian Contemporary Architecture Centre (KÉK)
  • Földes László architect, FÖLDES és Társai Építésziroda Kft., member of UIA ICC
  • Dr. Gyenge Anikó lawyer, BME MOKK, ELTE ÁJK, CC Hungary
  • Kalo Emese architect, Építész Kaláka Kft., head of Competition Committee at Chambers of Hungarian Architects (MÉK)
  • Dr. Komjáthy Attila architect, Mérték Építészeti Stúdió Kft.
  • Kovács Dániel art historian,, Hungarian Contemporary Architecture Centre (KÉK)
  • Kruppa Gábor architect, KIMA Stúdió, member of Competition Committee at Chambers of Hungarian Architects (MÉK)
  • Dr. Sersliné Kócsi Margit chief architect at Budapest IX. district Ferencváros

On the second day member of Remix Architecture team accompanied by curators and member of  KÉK - Hungarian Contemporary Architecture Centre will work out a detailed methodology of such competitions. The methodology will be published later in March or April, online and maybe in print.

Very challenging workshop we foresee!