Interviewed for D-News

I was interviewed, in relation to my lecture in Zagreb, by D-News, a paper published on the occasion of D-Day. As the questions by Bojan Kristofic asked about my professional background and main points of interest it made me reflect upon my work and activities.

While I was always obsessed with contemporary architecture my main point of interest has slowly shifted towards the digital world. It was during my studies when I started to recognize that my relation to the Internet is more than just an addiction. Slowly I got more and more interested in how the new digital dimension is affecting our everyday life and how it keeps increasingly shape our future.

Also I touched upon the new research project I work on.

The focus of my current research is about contemporary ‘formats’ in knowledge production and distribution, defining collaborative practices and working methodologies. These formats all imply a simple set of rules that help guiding and organizing the contribution of the many so that it takes a clear shape and becomes meaningful and valuable. I realized that some of these formats can be replicated very easily by adoption. And if we can use existing or invent new formats that spread not only internationally but domestically, among different disciplines and diverse cultures, than we can use this as a strategy to enhance discourse and collaboration on the societal level.

Read the full interview here.